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October 24, 2017

Tips to Prevent Sexual Harassment

Have you seen the #metoo or #yotambien hashtag? Or the “Me, too” status updates? Maybe you have been surprised to see how universal the problem is. Maybe you added a #metoo, and could name 10 other women in your life who could add one as well. Maybe you wanted to post a #metoo, but didn’t feel safe enough to post it.

For the people who don't know what I am talking about, this message was posted all over the social media after publishing the detailing sexual abuse and harassment accusations against Harvey Weinstein. Me Too are two words with a powerful meaning. Women - and men - have used the hashtag to emphasise how common, and, in many ways, how accepted, sexual assault has become. 

It has triggered a lot of discussions over Social Media about the realities of the harassment many women and men face. Alyssa Milano shared a message on her social media:


So now what? What can we do to stop the problem? What should I do when I see it or experience it myself? Below some tips to prevent sexual harassment:

1. Pay attention: if your friend tells you about a guy, neighbour, friend or anyone else that is making her/him uncomfortable, watch him!!

2. Don't judge victims for "Leading him on": it's very easy for someone on the outside to say that women send Mr Creepy mixed signals. But "No means No"......

3. Don't leave someone alone with someone you don't feel comfortable with: I think we have all been in the situation that you sense someone has other intentions then you. Never leave someone alone with this person because 2 is always stronger then 1. 

If you have noticed sexual harassment below you can find the tips on what to do:

1. Let the victim know the are supported

2. Don't tolerate it

3. Speak out

Have you seen sexual harassment? Did you read stories online you resonated with? Do you follow the #metoo hashtag? Did you find it overwhelming? The discussion is open so comment on the blogpost if you want to discuss your experience. 



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